The world of music has room for everybody. Studying music is a fantastic way to build confidence, develop discipline and discover a new level of expression for yourself. Music has always been a essential element in my life and I am excited about sharing the foundations of music with others, in a positive, respectful and encouraging manner.
I offer lessons in oboe, piano, musicianship and theory, taught from my home studio in downtown Toronto. Whether you are looking to prepare for RCM exams, brush up on your piano skills, supplement a highschool band program or take your first steps into the music world, I will tailor your lessons to your unique musical goals and your individual style of learning. By incorporating all elements of music into lessons, I strive to create good foundations in musicianship for all the students I teach. With solid musical 'roots,' you can branch out in any direction you like within the endlessly diverse and exciting world of music-making.  Contact me for a free trial lesson and interview, and we can start to create a lesson program incorporating your choices of the topics below:
OBOE LESSONS: explore the challenges and unique rewards of playing this instrument, whether in supplement to highschool band programs or as an independent course of study, from beginner to the university-prep level. Topics we'll work on include:
-basic musicianship (ear training, rhythm, theory, sight-reading)
-good posture
-how to explore your breathing mechanics to create the foundations for a beautiful            sound
-tone production and vibrato
-reedmaking and maintanence.
ACCOMPANIMENT: I have extensive experience accompanying singers and instrumentalists in a range of styles (classical, Broadway, jazz, etc). Whether you are looking for a rehearsal accompanist to help you learn parts, or a collaborative pianist in a concert, audition or exam, I love all forms of collaboration!
PIANO LESSONS: study piano in a wide variety of styles, in lessons you tailor to achieve your individual goals. Topics we can cover include:
-basic musicianship (ear training, rhythm, theory, sight-reading)
-good posture and hand/wrist position
-technique and scales
-accompanying others
-interpreting classical and modern works
THEORY:  build your knowledge of music theory, from the basics of staff notation to music harmony.
MUSICIANSHIP: develop your musicianship skills, with rhythm work and ear training. Learn to play the music you hear on the radio by ear, and learn how to practice efficiently to overcome musical challenges.
DOODLING: discuss ways to get involved in the music community at large, and how to develop your ideas in music. Share resources in music.
Lesson fees break down as follows:
      30 mins - $30
      45 mins - $45
      60 mins - $60
       My fee for accompaniment is $40 per hour.
Please don't hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail and we can book your free half- hour trial lesson today.